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Dragon-City-Hack-Gems1Social Point: Dragon City

Dragon City is a very simple yet fun and addicting game developed by Social Point. Social Point has mastered this strategy cum role playing game and grabbed 10 million player base. This game is so much fun to play that it makes people go mad and crazy over it. I recently started playing this game and am already at level 20 in this game. This is a kind of game which can be played by almost all kinds of age groups. It is neither too childish nor too oldish kind of game and thus can be enjoyed by all.

Dragon City starts with you on an island where you can place different habitats for different types of dragons. Dragons live in their respective habitats and need food to grow up which comes from farms. You get a lot of farms to grow food but they cost money. Before you get shock, dragons which you buy give you money. Make sure to use up entire limit of habitats and fill them up with dragons and when a chance level up the habitat to accumulate more dragons. Dragons generate cash and without cash you will go no where.

Dragon City also offers a unique gaming experience by letting people fight other people’s dragons. You can take your dragon into the battle arena as known as stadium and combat with other dragons. If you win against other dragons, you make cash and even gems sometimes. Combating other dragons can be really fun if you are fighting a dragon of your level.

When starting out, make sure to focus on more cash generating dragons instead of dragons which don’t make cash at all, like sea dragons are pathetic in terms of making cash even though they make excellent combating dragons. Go soon into electric dragons as even they make a lot of cash. Dragon City can be addicting at times, so better to also take care of your educational needs by studying hard and then checking your exam results on IndiaEduPortal.

brave frontier gameBrave Frontier Game by Gumi Inc

Brave Frontier is an awesome and incredibly addicting role playing game that can keep you hooked on to it for hours on the go without even realizing home time is passing by while you enjoy this super cool game. This game was under development for a relatively long time before it was released by Gumi Inc. Brave Frontier has got the award for the best made-in-Singapore game and it has been in the headlines ever since.

It has only been a short time since it was launched and already it has become the second highest searched Android game. Much like other role playing games, Brave Frontier game has a variety of aspects in it, which make it all the more enjoyable and fun to play. Since it is RPG, the game has many elements in its core gameplay which means users can spend countless hours just getting to terms with all that’s stored for them in this superb game.

In the game players start off in a town or village which serves a variety of purposes, right from collecting units to helping the players recovering from the various battles that they wage during their gameplay. Players can also sell the items that are no longer useful for them. With over 200 legendary heroes and beasts to encounter in Brave Frontier, you will definitely have a great time playing it!